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Mr. Dhiraj Ostwal is an experienced and professional CA with more than 25 years in Business Accounting and Taxation, provides an array of services, including Auditing, Direct and Indirect Tax Advisory, GST, Startup Services, NRI services, and a range of other services in financial management for many different clients across India and beyond. Prior to his vision is to guide the team in such a way that they will be able to handle the assignments confidently on their own, For achieving his goals, he gives presentations frequently on various subjects. His strength lies in the ability to conduct case studies for specific and complex issues and finding the solution to address the situation by paying minute attention to details success results from a deep knowledge of his client’s businesses and applying the technical knowledge and experience gained over the past 25 years.

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Our Services

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Auditing & Assurance Services
An audit is a systematic review and assessment of information or documents. There are a few different types of audit but,
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Outsourcing Accounting & Payroll Processing
outsourced accounting and payroll processing services helps streamline core business operations of an organization.
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Income Tax Advisory
Our Tax Advisory administrations give 360-degree answers for all the duty related parts of the business.
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Goods & Service Tax
We give total GST advisory and Compliances administrations including enrollments, returns, charge warning and GST Audits to organizations in India
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Company Formation
We inform concerning right model of business and lawful structure of the business element. We help to fuse Private Limited, Public Limited,
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Company Law services & Compliances
Indian organizations are represented by Companies Act 2013 and each Company needs to agree to different legal arrangements according to various areas of Companies Act 2013.
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MSME Startup Services
We give Startup warning administrations including Startup Registrations, Business Idea Validation, Financial Modeling.
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Valuation Services
Our Valuation Services experts provide objective valuations for financial reporting, tax, investment and risk management purposes.
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Loan Services
Loan servicing is a function carried out by the bank or financial institution that issued the loan, a third-party vendor, or a company that specializes in loan servicing
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CFO Services
A (CFO) is the senior leader answerable for dealing with the monetary activities of an organization.
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Foreign Company Set-ups in india (India entry service)
We advise foreign entity for setting up subsidiaries, liaison offices, branches offices & project offices in India.
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Transfer Pricing
We provides value for clients in three distinct ways: 1) ensuring compliance with transfer pricing guidelines, 2) providing guidance in planning and optimizing transfer pricing policies, and 3) assisting with dispute resolution.
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Advising Indian firms to register
companies in foreign contries
We Register your Company in 50 + countries ... To incorporate the business overseas or to relocate your existing business is quite a challenging task that ...
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Subsidies & Government Grant Advisory
We advise many Companies in getting subsidies and grants for their businesses in India..
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Fraud detection & Forensic Audits
We give fraud And misrepresentation location and legal review administrations to numerous customers. Extortion examination incorporates nitty gritty checks, proof assortments,
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Insolvency & Bankruptcy Consultancy
Corporate Insolvency is a circumstance when an association can't meet it's extraordinary monetary,
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Project finance &Debt Syndication
We provides advisory services project finance and debt syndication consultant for many companies.
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Fianancial Planning
We help to structure the right mix of means of finance, financial analysis, equity raising, debt raising options. we have advised the company for financial restructuring,
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Insurance & Risk Advisory
our insurance risk advisory experts help you tailor an insurance policy directly, or with your insurance broker, to align the risks and eliminate gaps.
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Legal Advisory
A Legal Advisor is essentially a lawyer who provides legal counsel to a large corporation or organization. They might be referred to as "in-house lawyers," "in-house counsel" or "corporate counsel." A Legal Advisor typically specializes in a specific area of law.
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Business Coaching
We get asked constantly what business coaching really is. Business coaching is a connection between an entrepreneur and a guaranteed or authorize mentor.
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Leadership Coaching
Leadership coaching is a powerful management training tool to help business leaders at all levels leverage the leadership skills within themselves to maximize performance. ...
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Life Coaching
Our Tax Advisory administrations give 360-degree answers for all the duty related parts of the business. Today, we remain among the significant suppliers of Business Tax Advisory Services in India.
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Investment Coaching
we focus on your financial education and help you build the skills necessary to understand investing and wealth building and to make informed investing decisions.
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Public Speaking
Dhiraj Ostwal is one of India's driving business mentors who has affected great many business visionaries helping them manufacture the matter they had always wanted.


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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no quantification of coaching, it depends upon a person attributes, age, career etc. One has to decide how much he wants to grow accordingly coaching should be defined. Moreover coaching is never ending process, once you achieve one goal then you may require to achieve another. If you want to stop learning and growth of your life then no coaching required

One can achieve goals without coach but definitely requires more time and efforts when you try to do it alone. Because coach is the person I will help you to achieve in shortest time. Most importantly goals has to be defined considering a person, it's resources and situation for which coach is instrumental

Business coaching it somewhat similar tu doctor. You go to the doctor for two things one regular check up or you have some problem. Likewise you can consult business coach when you have some issues in your business or discuss about your existing business and ask advise about iy

Business coach in the person who is advising value add India business moreover he is the person to find out hidden profits or saves you from unseen losses. Hence practically business coach is a person who should make profit double of his fees. Moreover business coach should be confident about it and should guarantee for the same. Else better to listen spiritual or religious Gurus which may give you mental satisfaction.

Most of the people not sure about business or career in which they are into. As a business coach we understand a person its personal attributes risk taking ability financial habits and many more things before we advice him any business ir career options. Most of the time we do not get into conclusion because initial judgements maybe wrong hence we do random control trials on few things in which he may be interested and have ability to do it. Because according to us it may be another failure for us but it is complete failure for that person and we don't fail in our system

We deliver training programs mainly on various aspects of business. Right from the daily business tips to setting up new business. We also have customised training sessions for various levels of people in business. A training session does not have any theoretical, stereotypes content which becomes history but we provide soft skills which improves productivity and performance definitely